Women & Youth Economic Empowerment Program

Joyful Hearts’ Women and Youth Economic Empowerment Program is a key program of the organisation. JHO’s objective for women and Youth economic empowerment is: “To advance the lives of vulnerable women through improving access to equal economic opportunity”

Our aims for the women and youth’s economic empowerment program are:

Joyful Hearts through partnership with stakeholders to provide income generating activities, cooperative management training, skills and educational support to some of the most vulnerable women and youth. JHO helps the cooperatives to initiate a rotating credit; saving and credit fund, and in some cases, create emergency support funds.

This ultimately contributes to the creation of collective economic security for vulnerable women and their families.

Swaziland’s Education it consists of two sections that is the formal education and the vocational education which is under Ministry of Education.   
JHO’s Youth Economic Empowerment is focusing: “To promote and expand access to vocational skills for vulnerable children and youths as a basis for improved economic opportunity and self-sustainability”