The organization has a complement of qualified staff, Executive Director, Programs Manager, Grant and Finance Administrator, M&E Officers; Program Managers, Program Staffs, Nurses, Doctors, Linkages officers (HTC Counsellors and VMMC Linkage officers), support staff and volunteers.

The organization has a complement of 91 qualified staff with extensive experience in Finance Management, Medical, Health services, Rural Development, Project Management, TB/HIV management, Environmental Health, Social sciences, HIV Testing and Counselling and other fields. Gender composition of the staff is made up of sixty –six woman and twenty-five men. The organization also works with 46 cadres. Volunteers are employed in each program according to their skills, qualifications and experiences. For clear management of Staff, JHO has Human Resources, Salary and Volunteer Policies and Procedures and a clear job description. Staffs are knowledgeable about organizational policies and procedures thus able to own the vision and mission of the organization.


The organization has technical capacity in grant and finance management, M&E and programs management that allows it to plan and design programs appropriately. It has an Accounting system and financial Policy and other different policies that establish program and finance management planning, expenditures, reporting and internal controls. Moreover, the organization has Global Fund and PEPFAR/USAID- CDC experience by implanting different programmes from those donors funding. Program proposed staffs have a good understanding of Donor grants/funds management, reporting system, Performance management after having attended training on Grants Management.

The organization has to remain relevant through having a Strategic Plan that is appropriate and supported by governing and operational documents that are aligned to the current NSF and COP Work Plans. This would enable the organization to create meaningful collaborations with donor partners, the public and private sector thus contribute positively to the aspirations of the Kingdom of Eswatini while implementing the of OVC & Youth, Health & Wellness, Gender& Development and Refugees & Migrants four main organizational programs.


Joyful Hearts Organization is expected to be relevant to the strategic direction that the world, the Kingdom of Eswatini and the Development sector is taking as penned out in key documents. This made possible by aligning the organizational governing and operational documents to international and national standards. As a result, the organizations have the following documents:

  1. Strategic Plan for five years
  2. Policies and Regulations
  3. Operational documents like the
  • Annual Budget
  • Annual Work Plan
  • Annual Resources Mobilization Plan