Social Protection Program

JHO’s objective for social protection is: “To enhance and expand the social protection of vulnerable groups in Swaziland in order to promote increased social and economic opportunity for all”

 Joyful Hearts believes that striving to achieve this objective is vital to breaking the cycles of poverty impacting so many people in Swaziland .

JHO is embarking on 3 social protection plans:

1. Vulnerable Families

JHO’s Vulnerable Families program provides shelter and income generating support to those families that need it most. This can include Child Headed Households, and families facing daily stigmatization.

The aims of this program is:

Joyful Hearts will partner with stakeholders to provide families with shelter and income generating activities.

2. Fighting Gender Based Violence

Our aims for combating GBV are:

JHO is working closely with Women associations to implement a community plan in order to fight gender-based and domestic violence at the grassroots level.

3.  People with Disabilities

Those groups living with disabilities, both physical and mental, are some of the most vulnerable in Swaziland, often subject to stigmatization and limited opportunity. This program will aim to combat both aspects of this through the following aims:

Joyful Hearts strives to partner with the stakeholders and  Handicap International to provide advocacy and assistance in the promotion and participation of people with disabilities in Swazis social life.