Joyful Hearts Organization (JHO) is a Swaziland Local NGO established in August 2011 with an objective to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life for Emaswati and refugees/asylum seekers living with HIV/TB and to address social challenges that include poverty, environmental À protection, hunger and lack of access to health services for Emaswati and refugees/asylum seekers in the country.

Joyful Hearts’ basic philosophy is the promotion of basic human rights through access to health, education and economic strengthening services. Joyful Hearts is compliant with government laws, policies, and regulations. The organization is registered by the Swaziland Government under the Swaziland companies Act-No. 8 of 2009, Certificate No 1051 of 2011.

Although the organization is faith based, it does not proselyte beneficiaries; however, services are provided to people regardless of their faith, creed, sexual orientation and preference, community and political 4 affiliations. The organization works with leaders through their organized forums or denominations and the focus is the role of the leaders in the advocacy of spiritual and healthy life of their members.