Environmental Protection Program

Sustainable development, incorporating environmental protection and Climate Change program is very important to JHO’s programmatic objectives as well as Government of Swaziland goals. Joyful Hearts focus in working on climate change, biodiversity conservation, and renewable energy, education for sustainable development, forestry, agroforestry, water, hygiene and sanitation. It involves local communities in looking for suitable and sustainable solutions to local environmental challenges.

Joyful Hearts is implementing currently Community Hygiene Clubs, Community Based Environmental Health Promotion and Protecting and promoting environment by teaching people to clean environment, planting forest and organizing environmental clubs.

Joyful Hearts strives to run environmental projects. This program aims for the economic empowerment of both vulnerable women and girls. JHO encourages young women, girls and youth to form cooperatives. Within these cooperatives, the women can produce different art and craft items and ornaments recycling old materials. For example, the women use empty discarded water bottles, boxes, waste paper etc. The paint comes from leaves, charcoal and chalk. Consequently, the items can be sold at market.