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The situation in Malindza camp is atrocious for around 400 people. Most people in the camp if not all, do not have access to food, water, blankets, clothes, cooking utensils and new comers have no materials to protect them from the harsh sun, the cold nights (winter) or the lashing rain. Organisation support them before Joyful Hearts organizationís initiatives is only provided by CARITAS -SWAZILAND their aids are small and limited to only helping a few days in the camps.
Organisation failure is noted on the part of the United Nations which has two organizations working in the immediate vicinity of the camps yet offers little or no aid to the people in the camps. UNICEF and the UNHCR both have offices in South Africa and some works in Mbabane-Swaziland and their vehicles are clearly visible around the area yet the offer little or no help to those in the camps. The CARTAS in partnership with UNHCR at most gives some people in the camps a small food of porridge or rice only three months
Our interventions:
Many projects of Joyful Hearts organization are to give tents, clothes and soaps to children in camps and some of them are separated from their parents who have been killed or brought to different places
>>Sensitization and mobilisation on TB and HIV/AIDS prevention
  >>To make the health Animators for vulgarization on Stop TB, HIV/AIDS prevention and hygiene
  >>Organiser the trainings
  >>Providing of instrument TB test and access for TB and HIV/AIDS medicines
  >>Monitoring and evaluation
  >>Distribution of humanitarian Aids and Hygiene materials
  >>Provide income generating activities
  >>Provide Hygiene, water and sanitation in the camp

Joyful Hearts organization purchasing flour for the refugee camp; the flour is to be used in making nutritious porridge in order that the mothers can feed their babies
Joyful Hearts organization is supporting more than 70 families in the camp of Malindza- Mpaka from August 2011 by giving them food, clothes, soap and shoes, etc
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