Healing and Evangelism Program


The methodology that Joyful Hearts organization uses to achieve its interventions and goal to access vulnerable groups is the methodology that targets on the involvement of the members of the community through the evangelization, sensitization and training and we see this as a key in attempting to find sustainable solutions to problems of these communities. The evangelization promotes the effective involvement of the communities in solving their own problems since the liturgy places are thought to be a favourable environment for an engaging and frank dialogue. Joyful Hearts organization believes and relies as well in cohabitation of people from different social classes to build together a peaceful and responsible society.

Vocational and professional Project for pastorís children

Mission and Objectives

The mission for this project is to evangelize the Good News of Jesus Christ while taking as starting point the children of the pastors who later will be able to evangelize the others.

For that, Joyful Hearts organization has through this program the following objectives:
1.Encouraging the children of responsible pastors to be the same
2.To give to these children capacities relating to the ministering of Evangelization
3.Assistances being studied primary, secondary and academic of the children of pastors
4.To help these children of the pastors to create small income generating projects

Target groups:

Children of the pastors of various churches

Expected activities for this project
1.To organize the spiritual assemblies
2.Various spiritual and evangelical training towards these children
3.Creation of solidarity saving for these children
4.Payment of the school and academic expenses for the children of pastors

Healing Service:

We Recognizing the Churches as Godís agent of healing and Unity
In every situation, God is the God of hope (Rom 15:13), and He places his hope in his people. This strategy is to use the Churches those who truly love Him and are committed to Him, whatever their denomination. Col 1:27

The hope of glory for any nation is Christ within his people in that nation. We are to shine like lights in the darkness because we are different, and what makes us different is that we think differently, Jesus said we are the light of the world (Mat 5:14-16)

We put people from different denominations, into small groups, together, and asked them to share their stories. They were not only to listen to the facts but also to listen to the pain in each otherís hearts. Often there was resistance to doing this, but in the end the vast majority agreed, and we found that the dividing walls began to be demolished at this point. This willingness to listen to each other with compassion was especially important.

We call together people from every denomination and groups in Joyful Hearts organization place to spend two or three days together in Godís presence where they could encounter his healing love.
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