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Educational Sponsorship Program
Joyful Hearts Organization launched a long distance adoption project. This project enables people of good will and cheerful heart throughout the world or any helping organization to assist a child or young woman in crucial situation. Therefore Joyful Hearts organization connects together the sponsor and an unprivileged child or young woman looking forward to find a support and a comfort to face difficulties of life. The sponsor will promise to regularly give a certain amount of money and that money will be used to provide the identified child with his or her daily needs including: food, care, clothing, education, etc. that sponsor is also welcome to receive that child at his home during the weekend or school vacation. The children or a young person in difficult situation sponsorship is a concrete qualitative action in which communities should engage themselves in to find sustainable solutions to their own problems.
Here there is Family placement and remote Adoption (educational sponsorship) of the children and vulnerable young people.

According to the pandemic of the VIH/SIDA in Swaziland and poverty several children and young people were found orphans, in family rupture, heads of the households, unmarried mothers etc. This situation challenges our Organization Joyful Hearts and this last arranges all the possible efforts to find solution there. Historically, the abandoned children or in family rupture were lodged in collective structures (Orphanages or care point), mostly, the children remained there until the adulthood. Children could thus be launched in the life without having profited from family reference. Each child needs a strong family reference to develop harmoniously.
It is within this framework that Joyful Hearts organization works in the family rehabilitation of the children in family rupture and the family placement for the orphans.
Joyful Hearts Organization also founded the system of remote adoption. This system allows a person of goodwill, everywhere where it can be throughout the world, or with a Qualitative Organization to assist a child or a young person in difficult situation.
Joyful Hearts organization then connects godfathers with stripped children and young people, anxious to find support and comfort to approach the difficulties of the life. The godfather will frequently commit himself paying an amount of money regularly, intended to provide for the elementary needs for a child identified by name: food, care, vesture, schooling, etc. He could also be brought to lodge the child during weekends or school holiday. The sponsorship of child or young person in difficulties is for Joyful hearts Organization a very concrete form of the charity action to which basic communities must begin to find solutions with their own problems.

For the Family Placement Joyful Hearts follows the legal provisions of country as regards adoption.
Who are the beneficiaries of “long distance adoption?”

This project is targeted at high risk vulnerable kids and young people. Joyful Hearts Organization classifies those people in the following categories:

     >>Refugees kids
   >>Children headed households
   >>Children infected or affected with HIV/AIDS
   >>HIV/AIDS orphans
   >>Young woman who gave birth and were oppressed or rejected by their families
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