Joyful Hearts (JHO) board objectives are to:

§ Achieve social and economic development and improved quality of life for poor and disadvantaged rural households and communities with emphasis on
women and children, youth, the elderly, the disabled persons, orphans and other specialized groups of vulnerable children within JHO’s geographical scope
of operation.
§ To improve the health conditions of communities through elimination of health hazards in the environment that lead to untimely death among adults and

§ Promote and provide access to quality non-formal and formal basic education for children and school dropouts within deprived rural communities and by
that, contributing to bridging the urban-rural, gaps in basic education and also as long-term means to poverty reduction.
§ Strengthen the capacity of small-scale farmers and households in value added agro-enterprise Technologies for increased income, improved nutrition, food
security, availability and strength of seed chain.

§ To increase access to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation so as to ultimately reduce water related and faecal-based diseases.

§ To affirm the enduring values of peace, social justice and human dignity and integrity in settings where these values are not always taken for granted.
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The Board Members
Rev Samuel Dlamini
Chair Person of JHO
DRO. Muna-Muyabala Munachitombwe
Vice Chair Person of JHO
Mukabucyana Annonciatta
Treasurer of JHO
Mr. Janvier Batungwanayo (Founder)
Secretary of JHO
Mr. Jim Mackuku
Miss Nomalanga Sibeko
Member of JHO
Miss Rachel Changa
Member of JHO
Member of JHO