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Achievements of JOYFUL HEARTS.

Although JOYFUL HEARTS has had challenges, it has successfully managed to deal with the issues and turned them into opportunities. At the
end of 2014, JOYFUL HEARTS was involved in a wide variety to activities which resulted to the achievement of the following activities:

     Currently Joyful Hearts Organization is implementing the Malindza TB-HIV Project with the help of CANGO/PACT funded by PEPFAR
/USAID. The Malindza TB-HIV Project focused mainly on using HTC as an entry point to treatment, care and support. The main goal of
the project is to increase access to treatment. A baseline study was conducted in a form of a TB-HIV KAP Survey where is indicated that
the vulnerable people of those disease are children.

     The organization were supporting more than 200 children in Malindza refugee reception centre with food, clothes, soaps, shoes and the
Organization also support a preschool of two classes with around 50 kids from Refugees and Swazi community.
      In June 2014, Joyful Hearts was privileged to host a PEER REVIEW PRACTICUM whereby other NGOs working with Pact- Swaziland
came to the offices of JHO to review Program and M&E documents and systems for purposes of mutual strengthening. The exercise was
both a motivation and an eye opener to the existing gaps with the Program and M&E gaps. Currently, the organization is compiling and
adapting the program according to lessons learnt during the PRACTICUM.  We are of the belief that we were able to reach our quarterly
target because of the lessons learnt from the TB/HIV KAP SURVEY and the PEER REVIEW PRACTICUM.

>   Support to OVCís with the necessary scholastic materials.
>   Gender Empowerment Projects and Good Governance Promotions.
>   Promotion of Good Governance Projects in Community cooperatives.
>   Mobilization and Sensitization of communities for different community Development Programs.
>   Creating circles of protection and hope around women and children at risk through culturally sensitive, value-added intervention projects. 
>  Strengthening capacity of women and children to Promote value systems which break down barriers and build new partnerships in the
search for social justice, peace, health and well-being.
> Wrapping arms of love around women and children, whispering the message that they were created for purpose and dignity.
> Creating safe places for women and children rescued from many abuses including human trafficking/sexual slavery, WAR,
Intíl desires to give voice to their silenced cries.
> Advancing women achievements in advocacy issues related to women and children, local participation in socio-economic
development processes
> Promoting dignity and integrity of women and children.
> Monitoring, Support Supervision, documentation, legal aid in strengthening rule of law and promotion of the principles of the Rules of
Natural Justice.
> Advocacy, Net working, collaboration, Lobbying and partnering with the different actors involved in the Promotion of human rights
values & other programs.
> Stakeholders Meetings, Workshops and Seminars on issues related to women and children and other specialized groups.
> HIV/AIDS Awareness, Prevention, care and support, VCT, Testing, Referrals and Advocacy.
> Community Capacity Building on discrimination, stigma, HIV/AIDS,FP/MH, Peer Education, GBV&SGBV.
> Malaria prevention and RH Promotion.
> Financial support was given to women and orphans group in Mbekelweni to improve their piggeries.